This was my Air plant display for my Royal Horticultural Society debut show. Im so pleased to be welcomed by the RHS to exhibit at their shows.

Luckily i had done a few non RHS shows in the previous years to prepare me the experience which of course i enjoyed tremendously.

The display was my biggest yet and i had some great looking plants to display as you will see in the images below.

I must also add that Cardiff was rather nice with some great planting in the streets and parks, lots of Magnolia’s in flower and lovely places to eat in the evenings after a hard days work.

Andy's Air Plants display, Tillandsia, Air Plants, Bromeliads UK,

Here is a shot of the whole display for RHS Cardiff 2018

Very pleased to have got a Gold Medal at my first RHS show .


Andy's Air Plants

A nice shot of a single branch in my display.

T. ixioides showing great color with a giant silver T. straminea and the dark purple of T. tennuifolia ‘Amethyst’

Tillandsia aeranthos and seleriana

The incredibly scented T. crocata x usneoides

A wonderful Puya species with very light silver leaves.


RHS Cardiff Aechmea recurvata v. benrathii

Some Aechmea recurvata v. benrathii showing excellent color.


Some Billbergia’s T. punctulata, butzii and others.