Hello fellow plant lovers.

Well im a little shy and still getting used to my wordpress website. But here is a little post about what i have been up to recently and how things are moving along.

I have recently put up my first ever polytunnel. It is so exciting to have all the space protected from the elements, wind/rain. I will use this space to house my ever expanding collection of plants that includes winter and summer growing bulbs (Iridaceae, Lachenalia’s Amarylidaceae etc. other miscellaneous plants, and of course Bromeliads.

Untill i get more organized in there it will just be the hardier, terrestrial Bromeliad species that i house there such as Puya’s Dyckia’s and some Aechmea’s. In the future i plan to heat a section of it and grow some Tillandsia’s in there.

Terrestrial Bromeliads. Dyckia, Puya, Aechmea and Deuterocohonia.

Terrestrial Bromeliads in the new polytunnel. Dyckia Puya Aechmea Ochagavia Deuterocohnia.

Hopefully we wont get temperatures too low this winter, but if/when they do go below freezing i will place some fleece over the top of these plants.


Dyckia Puya Aechmea Deuterocohonia

Mixed Terrestrial Bromeliads. Dyckia, Puya, Aechmea and Deuterocohonia.