Beginners Selection Pack number 2


A lovely selection pack for beginners, including 3 plants that are more mesic growing or suitable for bathrooms and Terrariums.


Beginners selection pack number 2

Contains one each of Tillandsia bulbosa, T. butzii, and T. albertiana.

These plants are perfect for the beginner and will grow well together in more mesic or wetter, shadier positions than the silver leaved species.

Tillandsia bulbosa is a lovely small growing species that has a wonderful shape.

Tillandsia butzii is another plant perfect for wetter or shadier area’s such as a bathroom or terrarium, it is very easy to grow and increases readily.

Tillandsia albertiana is a very popular species because it is so easy to grow and has a large, deep, red flower.

All purchases are sent with a care sheet.

I was taking reducing the dose a year ago. Everything was fine. A year later, the bouts of insomnia started again.

Due to availability sometimes i may have to substitute one of the plants in these packs for another species.

If you wish to tailor any of these beginners packs just let me know.



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