Beginners Selection Pack number 4


A lovely selection pack for beginners, including 3 plants that are suitable for a bright or sunny position.


Beginners selection pack number 4

Contains one each of Tillandsia brachcaulos, T. argentea and T. pseudobaileyi.

These plants are perfect for the beginner and will grow well together in a bright or sunny position.

Tillandsia brachcaulos (also known as T. brachycaulos v. abdita) grows easily with warmth and bright light, when it gets large enough to flower it turns an intense red color before producing lots of lovely purple flowers.

Tillandsia argentea has lovely fine leaves, an indication that it like good air-movement, it is easy to grow and makes a lovely clump in just a few seasons.

My doctor advised me to take It really helped me.

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi has fantastic red and purple striped leaves that curve upwards creating a wonderful effect.

All purchases are sent with a care sheet.

Due to availability sometimes i may have to substitute one of the plants in these packs for another species.

If you wish to tailor any of these beginners packs just let me know.



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