Billbergia ‘Fosters Striate’


Billbergia ‘Fosters Striate’ has very nice variegated leaves and a large colorful flower spike.

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Billbergia ‘Fosters Striate’ is a fantastic plant! It was created by a famous Bromeliad grower called Mulford B. Foster who lived in Orlando Florida. Billbergia ‘Fosters Striate’ has really nice thick green and yellow variegation. Plants throw up pups with varying degrees of variegation but the plant never seems to revert to all green. It is a stunning foliage plant alone but it also has very nice and large flower spikes with some of the best Billbergia flowers i have seen.

Billbergia ‘Fosters Striate’ Is very easy to grow in a pot, you could try it mounted as well, you can grow it outside for the best part of the year here in the UK but it is probably only hardy down to 2 or 3 degrees centigrade, so will need to be bought inside during the winter. It is also best kept out of direct sunlight as the leaves will get damaged in too much full sun.

Here i have the occasional pup for sale. Pot hanger and compost available separately here.



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