Scented Selection Pack


Contents: T. caerulea single. T. caliginosa. T. purpurea. T. reichenbachii.

This is a selection of Air Plants that all have scented flowers.
Each pack comes with a free Andy’s Air Plants care sheet.
Plants may or may not be in bud.

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Tillandsia caerulea meaning sky blue, is a beautiful and elegant species from dry forests in Peru and Ecuador.
It branches and grows into an attractive clump, has lovely foliage finely dusted with trichomes and produces lovely long flower spikes with highly scented, blue flowers.
It is easy to grow given high light levels or full sun, misted regularly and with good air-movement.

Tillandsia caliginosa is a very nicely scented species from Bolivia.
It has distichous or opposite leaves and around winter time here it produces scented flowers of an interesting yellow or orange/brown colour.
Easy to grow and makes a nice clump with regular misting, quick drying and high light levels.

Tillandsia purpurea grows terrestrially in the coastal deserts of Peru along with species like T. latifolia and T. paleaceae, in these conditions the plants survive for much of the year on coastal fog.
Purpurea is a beautiful species with soft, delicate, silvery, light green leaves. It produces lovely highly scented flowers that are purple and creamy white inside, similar to T. straminea.
This species is easy to grow in high light levels with quick drying times or very good air-movement.

Tillandsia reichenbachii is a beautiful, small growing species with highly scented flowers. It grows in woods and scrub lands from Southern Bolivia and Northern Argentina.
This species is similar to streptocarpa, but is smaller and has stiffer more contorted leaves, and produces lovely lilac, purple flowers that have a delicious fragrance. It can make a nice multi flowering clump in time. It is easy to grow in high light levels with regular misting and good air-movement.


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