Tillandsia albida


A lovely easy to grow, full sun species, with white foliage and red and yellow flower bracts and white flowers.



Tillandsia albida has a white appearance hence the specific/species name albida. It grows in xeric (hot dry) Desert conditions, and therefore has to reflect as much sunlight as it can to help conserve what little moisture it can absorb through its leaves in this harsh desert environments of Northern Mexico. It is a caulescent or stem growing species that can get quite large or long, it produces pups or growths along the stem and can grow into sizeable clumps. The flower spike is long with red bracts and white flowers from yellow buds, very colorful.

All this makes Tillandsia albida along with other silver leaved Tillandsia’s perfect for hot, sunny conservatories or sun rooms as long as they have the regular light misting and some air-movement.


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