Tillandsia bergeri


Tillandsia bergeri is an easy to care for, very popular and vigorous medium sized unscented air plant with blue flowers.


Tillandsia bergeri is a very popular, easy and vigorous species.
It is endemic to Buenos Aires in Argentina where it grows saxicolously (on rocks). It is know amongst enthusiasts as ‘The mad pupper’ due to the fact that it constantly produces ‘pups’ or offsets along its stem and so quickly grows into large sometimes very large clumps.

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The flower spike on this species is 3 to 5 inches long straw coloured and produces lovely blue to violet flowers with a white centre.

This is one of the hardiest and easiest of all Tillandsia species, it has proven hardy over many years outside in mild coastal gardens in Cornwall and also in Central London. It is easy to mount or just hang from wire, and grows in full sun or dappled shade, with regular wetting and drying.

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