Tillandsia caerulea var. major


Tillandsia caerulea var. major is a wonderfully scented plant. Larger than the type species caerulea. It is easy to grow and quite vigorous, flowering well and producing many pups, making clumps in just a few years.


Tillandsia caerulea v. major. Caerulea meaning sky blue, a beautiful and elegant species from dry forests in Peru and Ecuador.
It branches and grows into an attractive clump, has lovely foliage finely dusted with trichomes and produces lovely long flower spikes with highly scented, blue flowers.
It is easy to grow given high light levels or full sun, misted regularly and with good air-movement. Plants offered may or may not be in bud.

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Tillandsia caerulea v. major is much larger in all parts than the type species. And so a bigger flower must mean even more of that delicious scent that you get from this wonderful airplant.

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