Tillandsia ixioides


Tillandsia ixioides has lovely yellow flowers. It has stiff, thick, silver leaves that can have a pinkish hue.

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Tillandsia ixioides is a very nice species from Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina. In the wild it can grow into huge clumps a meter or so across with a hundred or more rosettes and often is host to nests of Ants, Bees or Wasps. The specific or species name ‘ixioides’ is after the Genus Ixia (from South Africa) in the Iris family that has a few yellow flowered species.

Tillandsia ixioides has stiff leaves that are silver and often have a nice pinkish coloration to them. It produces lovely yellow flowers.

It is easy to grow in high light levels with regular thorough wetting and drying.