Tillandsia multiflora


Tillandsia multiflora. syn. brachycaulos var. multiflora is a beautiful variety of the air plant species T. brachycaulos with softer, velvety leaves and more visible trichomes.

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This is beautiful plant was known as a variety of T. brachycaulos but is now i think believed to be a species in its own right. Tillandsia multiflora syn. T. brachycaulos var. multiflora.
It colours up very well with more pastel shades than the species. It then, as the name ‘multiflora’ suggests, produces many purple tubular flowers.
Its an easy species to grow with medium to high light levels and regular misting with good air-movement.

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Flower / bract colour

Red, Purple

Plant size

Small, Medium


Not Scented

Light level

Medium, High