Tillandsia pohliana


Tillandsia pohliana is a beautiful and easy species to grow. It has a large flower spike that has Apricot colored, trichome dusted bracts and white flowers.



Tillandsia pohliana is a beautiful white flowered species that is widespread in south America where it grows as an epiphyte on other plants (scrub bushes or Trees) and as a Lithophyte (Growing on rocks)

Tillandsia pohliana has nice silver/grey leaves and produces a large flower spike that is covered in crystal like trichomes and a very nice apricot color, it then produces pure white nectar rich flowers.

This species is easy to grow in normal Airplant growing conditions of high light, good air-movement and regular misting. I have two sizes available at the moment. Medium size and Large near flowering size plants. The 3rd picture is the Large size and the 4th picture is the Medium size.

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