Tillandsia pruinosa


Amazing Alien like plant with frosted leaves and pink flower spike.


Tillandsia pruinosa is a most fascinating species. It is a pseudobulbous, epiphytic, myrmecophytic Bromeliad, meaning that it has a bulbous base and plays host to Ants that live inside the leaf cavities of the plant, as do several other species of Tillandsia. T. pruinosa has a very attractive appearance with its green to purple leaves and dense covering of fine trichomes or hairs, giving it the common name of the ‘Fuzzy Air-plant’. That latin name ‘pruinosa’ means frosted or frosty The flower spike is also very nice, being pink and also covered in fine trichomes it produces purple tubular flowers.

This species is quite slow growing but is easy with patience. It likes cool temperatures and regular wetting and drying.

I have nice flowering size plants to offer.


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