Tillandsia punctulata


Tillandsia punctulata has green leaves that are dark towards the base. This air plant has a colourful flower spike with dark purple and white tipped flowers.

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Tillandsia punctulata grows as an epiphyte in Mexico and Central America.
It is a mesic growing species, meaning that it prefers more shaded and regular humidity than its xerophytic or dry growing cousins.
It has lovely deep green, lush leaves that are dark towards the base, the flower spike is large, very colourful and lasts a long time, the flowers are an interesting dark purple and white tipped.

This species roots prolifically, and is suitable for pot culture. It also makes many pups and can make large clumps in just a couple of years, these pups/off-sets are easy to propagate from.
Easy to grow and can become quite large, it prefers cooler, shaded conditions with regular watering.

These plants come bare root. ‘If requested’ i can supply pot, hanger and peat-bark compost mix.


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