Tillandsia xerographica mounted on drift wood


A beautiful plant mounted on drift wood.


Tillandsia xerographica is an epiphytic species from Southern Mexico to Guatemala and El Salvador.

It grows in hot dry deserts and endures harsh droughts and high temperatures. These plants can survive these long drought periods by utilising small amounts of evaporating dew.
Tillandsia xerographica is a very famous species amongst collectors, it has wonderful wide wavy leaves of a lovely silver colour, the plant can grow very large and produces a large and very long lasting flower spike with bracts of orange, red and green with purple flowers.

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It is easy to grow providing water does not sit in the leaf bases. To avoid this plants can be mounted or hung on their side. Perfect for a hot conservatory in full sun but away from glass so as not to scorch the leaves. And given an occasional light misting.

Here is a lovely specimen plant mounted on drift wood.


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