Collection: Compost, Pots and Pot Hangers for Bromeliads

Here is a Pot, Compost and hanger.

The compost is a mix of Peat and Bark. The pot supplied will be a suitable size for the plant that you have purchased and the hanger is useful not only to hang the plant but also to keep your plant upright until it roots fully into the medium.

This product is suitable for plants that need to be or can be potted up. It is not for true Airplants such as most of the Tillandsia species. This product is also not for use with terrestrial Bromelaids such as Dyckia or Puya.

This product is only for the potting of Epiphytic Bromeliads that do well in pots such as Billbergia, Aechmea, Neoregelia and so on.

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  • Compost, Pot and Hanger for 1 plant
    Compost, Pot and Hanger for 1 plant - Andy's Air Plants
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