About Andy's Airplants

Hi, my name is Andy – welcome to my web site where you can find information on Bromeliads and Air Plants for sale.

I am a plant enthusiast, amateur botanist and plant collector in Penzance in Cornwall UK. I have studied and worked in Horticulture for 20 years and I am R.H.S qualified. I work as a gardener and have been employed by owners of various large gardens and Estates, public and private, working with various plant collections. I have also worked for many years with a multi-gold winning nursery. This has given me the opportunity to work at many flower shows around the country such as Hampton Court Flower Show and Chelsea Flower Show, where I also worked for a European Air plant nursery.

My interests in botany are, botanical diversity, plant nomenclature, floral structure/morphology and pollination strategies.

I grow and collect Aroids (Arisaema, Arum, etc) Impatiens, Begonias, Gingers, Gesneriad’s (Streptocarpus etc.) Apocynaceae (Stapeliads, etc.) and am interested in many more. But I have a particular interest in Epiphytes, plants which grow on other plants or surfaces, such as rocks (cliff faces) or even man made structures like buildings or telegraph wires. These plants include Ferns, Orchids, epiphytic Cacti and of course the Bromeliads which contain the genus Tillandsia, commonly know as Air Plants.

My ambition is to encourage an interest and love of plants in other people. I hope you find the site fun and useful.