Privacy Policy

The privacy our customer’s data is important.  We respect your privacy and care is taken to ensure your privacy is protected.

This statement explains how we use your data to enable us to fulfil your orders and operate legally as a business.

What data of yours we use.

  • That which identifies you, name and or company.
  • Contact details, address, email telephone number.
  • Communication preferences and specific customer requirements.
  • Technical data, internet protocols, browser time, time zone.
  • Transaction details, products, payments and services.

How we record your data.

The data we hold of yours is obtained by

  • Direct interaction with you.
  • By technical reports from ISPs and web services.

We operate our business on trust and our respect for the integrity of our customers.

How we use your data.

Your data is recorded when you contact us to enable us to:

  • Prepare, deliver and receive payment for your order.
  • To answer questions about our products and services
  • To deal with any returns, replacements and refunds.
  • To allow us to your questions about any previous dealings with us.
  • To allow for payment with payment processors such as PayPal.
  • Maintain the legal commitments of running a business.
  • Generally to provide you with the best personalized service we can.

How we do not use your data.

  • We do not use your data for any other purpose than listed above.
  • We do not pass your data on to anyone without your explicit permission or where we are legally obligated to do so.
  • We do not retain your data any longer than we are legally obliged to.
  • We do not use your data for any other reason than to process and service your business with us.
  • We do not opt you in to any marketing strategy.
  • We do not restrict your rights to object, restrict, complain, access, remove, or make corrections, with regard to your data held by us.
  • We do not use cookies on our website.

This Privacy Policy will be updated as required by us to improve our service to you, and allow us to review the running of our business.

14th January 2020