Aechmea winkleri plant profile 2. 16/03/2021

Aechmea winkleri is endemic to the State of Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. It is endangered in its native habitat due to habitat destruction/deforestation. My plant is slightly larger than online descriptions with leaves to 18 inches and flower spikes to 24 inches. The leaves are mid green, slightly glaucous.  The flower spikes and bracts are bright red with yellow flowers that sit, in bud for a long time before opening. The flower stems are large, impressive and very long lasting. This plant will be in spike/flower for several months.

I have a lovely pot full of Aechmea winkleri. Its a plant that i have had in my collection for several years but had not realized its full merit. The plant in the picture has thrived on neglect with just an occasional watering, keeping the tanks topped up and wetting the root-ball. 

I am testing a new camera at the moment. My last one broke 5 months ago so i have missed out on photographing many plants that have been in flower. I am hoping to be able share many Bromeliad pictures on this blog with new photos of plants from the collection and pictures from my Bromeliad photo archive. 

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