Botanical Bromeliad Art

Botanical Bromeliad Art

I have collected these beautiful botanical art illustrations of Bromeliads. Im very pleased to be able to share these with you here. I hope you enjoy them.

The names given are those that are on, or have come attached to the images. And comments, under each picture.

The label on this says T. pityrophyllum. T. ionantha

Tillandsia lindenii or Lindens Tillandsia. There is a great post about this plant (and many many others) by Derek Butcher on Bromeliads Australia page

Above. Another great artists dipiction of Tillandsia xiphioides.

Tillandsia recurvifolia. Recurved leaved Tillandsia. A beauty! 

Tillandsia pulchella 'Delicate Tillandsia'. T. pulchella is now considered a synonym of T. tenuifolia var. tenuifolia. Pulchella, pronounced with a k (though i cant help but 'ch..'), means beautiful or pretty. 

Tillandsia bulbosa. The label on this painting says ''The coloured variety' But im sure this is just natural colour during the flowering stage.

Tillandsia setacea. Setaceous leaved Tillandsia 


Tillandsia psittacina

Above. Labeled as Tillandsia stricta Frosted Stiff leaved Tillandsia.

Tillandsia rosea

Tillandsia stricta (aeranthos)

This one is labeled 'Stemless Tillandsia acaulis' Which must be missnamed. I looks alot like an Orthophytum or Cyrptanthus.

Above. Tillandsia rubida. aka geminiflora. Grows well for me but slow to reproduce from offsets.

xiphioides. Queen of the Tillandsia's for me. So beautiful, elegant and with a heavy, sweet, Citrus fragrance

Tillandsia flexuosa. I've seen this plant flourishing and seeding around in my friends garden in Florida. It has a fascinating twisted growth habit and is viviperous. I have in the past acquired and successfully killed a few of this species.


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