Bromeliad Display/Show Branches from 2019

Here I would like to share four Bromeliad display branches that I created for my Andy's Airplants displays in the 2019 flower shows. These branches were used along the front of my displays. Five larger branches with larger plants and more 'tank type' Bromeliads were placed behind these branches to add to the height and depth of the displays. 

 In the picture above - Bromeliad branch number 1. starting from the base of the branch we have Neoregelia 'Tequila' and 'Chinese Lacquer'. A miniature Tillandsia capillaris Andina. Two Tillandsia (species) v. tuluensis with silver leaves and pink buds. In the middle with the tall flower buds is T. diaguitensis, These were a delight when they finally opened with highly scented crisp white flowers. Three tall green and red leaved grass like T. juncifolia are along the top of the branch with Tillandsia mallemontii hanging down below them with their delightfully scented purple flowers. There is also T. aeranthos purple, a clump of T. ionantha rubra and at the tip of the branch a curly leaved T. streptophylla.


Bromeliad branch number 2. In the two pictures above we can see the second branch. There are three different 'tank type' Bromeliads near the base of it. Neoregelia 'Mo Pepper Please' N. Pink Mosaic' The larger red Neo i cant remember the name at present. On the left of the branch we have a very large Tillandsia cacticola in flower, and on the right above the Neoregelia is a nice three headed clump of Tillandsia espinosae. Above this is a beautiful specimen of T. reichenbachii in full flower with two spikes, the fragrance on this i remember was sublime and thousands of people at the flower shows that year got the chance to delight in its heavenly aroma. To the right along this branch is a mix of T. tectorum 'Snow' with its snow white leaves and super soft trichomes/hairs, and Tillandsia ionantha varieties that have blushed red in the sun and are in or about to flower. See image below.

Among the T. tectorums and T. ionanthas we can see (above image) on the left T. purpurea and above it the true Tillandsia argentea which is quite rare. Underneath the branch is T mallemontii and the dark leaves of a hybrid of T. albertiana and T. xiphioides. At the tip of the branch is another scented plant in flower, T. caerulea x straminea.

In the image above is Bromeliad display branch number 3. Again with Neoregelias at the base and these are Neoregelia 'Super Fire Ball' Above these is a group of Tillandsia caulescens with a hanging clump of the miniature T. tricholepis from the sub group diaphoranthema. To the right of this is the fine form of spanish moss with a specimen of T. cacticola in flower above. 

 Here, above we have more Tillandsia ionantha and T. tectorum 'Snow' creating a nice contrast and a lovely specimen of a purple leaved T. stricta. In the image below is a close up of the scented flowers of T. mallemontii.


In the picture above we have Bromeliad branch number 4. There is a nice mix of Tillandsia's on this branch, from the top left, T. paleacea ssp. apurimacensis, a species that grows very well for me it has lovely flower spikes, unscented. Left of this is more T. mallemontii, a flowering T. magnusiana and with the pink buds and purple flowers pointing to the right is T. (species) v. tuluensis. The vermilion red spike pointing left belongs to a clump of T. lorentziana next to this is a hanging clump of T. neglecta. Above this, reaching for the heavens is the highly fragrant T. diaguitensis and below that T. nana an uncommon species. Up on the right side of the branch is some clumps of Tillandsia rectifolia and there are also 4 nice curly T. streptophylla specimens. At the base of the branch is Neoregelia granada x 'Royal Flush' a gorgeous mid size Neoregelia. A red Neo ( Will add name later) and  solitary N. 'Midas'. See Close ups below.

These 4 branches were part of several Flower shows that I attended in late 2019. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. I really enjoyed creating the branches and i hope that they inspire other people to do something similar. 


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