Bullis Bromeliads Princetown Florida Plant tour Day 4

Still on my 4th day in Florida. We stopped off to get some refreshments at the Famous Robert is Here, Rare and Exotic Tropical Fruit store where you can purchase such delights as Canestel (Egg fruit) Carambola (Star fruit) Jack fruits and Guanabanas (Sour Sop) Sapote and Sapodilla. Then to our second nursery of the day an Orchid nursery called R.F. Orchids. In Homestead. (First 3 pictures) Set in beautiful landscaped gardens this multi award winning 50 year old nursery was breath taking. 

Below, a giant leaved Orchid Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis. 

Everybody must love Vandas. These orchids in humid tropical climates dont seem to need any compost medium at all. I always thought they might do well amongst my Tillandsia collection but im sure it would be too cold in the winter.  

Below although not uncommon these Platycerium Stag Horn Ferns were particularly big specimens.

Then we went on to Bullis Bromeliads which wasnt far from R.F Orchids. Family owned and opperated since 1977 Now on their 4th generation, With over 20 acres of Bromeliads These guys are big movers on the Bromeliad scene with thousands of new hybrid introductions over the years. The staff were very helpful and friendly and showed us around on a golf buggy stopping regularly for photo opportunities. 

Me and a giant Alcanterea. (possibly the biggest Bromeliad ive ever seen) 

Above and below Aechmea woronowii

Below Neoregelia 'Tatiana'

Below Neoregelia 'Namascar'

As far as the eye can see.

Sincorea's! (if they are still called that) Love these, and im pleased to say i have a few different types in my collection.

A nice Palm (i know the name, or should i say knew! its not coming to me right now!) mounted with some interesting plants

A nice Cryptanthus. These dont grow to well for me.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these pictures. There are many many more to come. Please leave a comment below just to let me know that someone has seen this blog.

Cryptanthus plant close up bromeliad

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  • Wow! What a wonderful trip that must have been. Such exotic plants – hope you have some of them in your collection. Thank you for sharing the photos.

    Vera R Atkinson

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