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Im very pleased to present to you my photos from the day I spent at Tropiflora Nursery Florida in January 2020. Feast your eyes on possibly the most amazing Bromeliad collection in the world. Please leave a comment below if you like what you see and would like to see more. 

They need that Caution tape! Luckily I was allowed to pass it. 

Wow, Whopping Inflorescence!!

Tillandsia funkiana x dasyliriifolia

Tillandsia beutelspacheri springs to mind.

Tillandsia 'Stupendo' 'Houston' x leonamiana

Tillandsia intermedia, 

Tillandsia 'Nugget' crocata x duratii

T. chiapensis?


Please enjoy these beautiful images. I had the time of my life seeing these plants.

Some nice Dyckia's 

I think this is Tillandsia novakii. Very nice color.

Hohenbergia. I bought some of these once, but sadly thanks to customs, they all died in transit.

A fantastic clump of T. funckiana. This species does not thrive in my conditions.


I love these Sincoregelia or is it x Neophytum? Its hard to keep up with the naming of these!. I have a few different hybrids that are bulcking up well for sales. Including this one which i think is Sincoregelia 'Burgundy Hill'

A lovely mauve/silver Orphophytum

Pretty sure this is Billbergia vittata 'Domingos Martin'

Stunning, tall, thin Billbergia's.

Orthophytum cf. grossiorum

This is Neoregelia kautskyii. I have N. kautskyii x pauciflora. But wish i had kautskyii..

Aechmea egleriana

Dyckia 'Natalie'

Tillandsia fasciculata 'Tropiflora'

bulbosa hybrid

Tillandsia fasciculata var. densispica

Dischidia vidalii x

Hydnophytum moseleyanum Ant plant

These caudex forming myrmecophytes blew my mind!!

The funkiest collection of Tillandsia funkiana I have ever seen!



I hope you have enjoyed these images so far. There are many many more to come.







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