RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park is a wonderful show, set in the most beautiful grounds of sprawling park land with thousands of beautiful large trees set singularly or in copses with large lakes and herds of Deer. Many of the Exhibitors including myself camp near Knutsford which is walking distance from the show ground. Knutsford is a delightful small town with choice bars and restaurants.

I did this show all by myself in whirlwind fashion. Building a mock of the display and shifting it all 340 miles to erect it all again onsite and then manning my stand for the 5 days of the show.

I was really pleased with my exhibit and put a lot of work into it using some really wonderful plants from my collection.The display was received really well by the RHS Judges as well as the public. I was awarded a Gold Medal with top marks. My 3rd RHS Medal and 3rd Gold.

In the my display i was particularly pleased with my Tillandsia recurvifolia var. subsecundifolia, i have grown these for several years from young plants and was so pleased that they all decided to flower at the same time making a beutiful display of bright orange bracts dusted with crystal like trichomes and white flowers. I also had a nice clump of mallemontii some caerulea and streptocarpa all in full flower and placed at nose height so that the public could enjoy fully the incredible scents that they emit. Then there was the giant Tillandsia secunda, what an absolute whopper of a plant, ive been coaxing it into flower over about a year and managed to transport it without damaging the very large delicate flower spike. I had some lovely T. lepidosepala in flower with its emerald green petals. There was also T. 'Cotton Candy' in flower two of my prize T. cacticola speciemens were showing of there lilac bracts and delightful cream, purple edged flowers. Two different Dyckia's in full flower, some bright red T. brachycaulos and lots more. It was packed!

I was incredibly busy during the show, everyone wanted to know about these fascinating plants, towards the end of each day i was nearly losing my voice.

I hope you enjoy my photos. This time they were all taken with my phone as I had left my camera at home by accident.

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