Royal Cornwall Show 2018 Large Gold Medal

The Royal Cornwall Show is another County show meaning all the fun of the farm and countryside and everything associated with it is on display. It's my local County show and an absolute joy to attend. This was my 3rd attendance at this show and I'm very pleased to say I got my second  Large Gold Medal of the year for my Andy's Air Plants display.

This was an island display and doing island displays are very different from the backdrop displays, because they can be viewed from all sides and also people and judges can view through the exhibit. This means extra consideration has to be applied to the placement of plants and over-all design of the display. I did it though and managed ok, but phew! What a lot of work!

You will notice a lack of images for this blog post that is because I was exhausted building this display after being at the Bath West show only days before. I was very busy at this show, but on the second day I came down with food poisoning and spent most of the day being very ill. Luckily my wonderful girlfriend Jana saved the day and stood by my stand all day long.


The first ever video on my website. I promise they will get better and i will try not to let my thumb or my humming get in the way :)

Large Gold Medal for my Andy's Air Plants display

Andy's Air Plants Large Gold Royal Cornwall

Andy's Air Plants Large Gold Royal Cornwall

Puya humilis in flower. Andy's Air Plants Large Gold Royal Cornwall

I look forward to exhibiting again at the Royal Cornwall Show in 2019

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

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