Beginners Selection Pack number 3 - Andy's Air Plants
Beginners Selection Pack number 3 - Andy's Air Plants

Beginners Selection Pack number 3

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Beginners selection pack number 3

Contains one each of  Tillandsia x kolbii, T. brachycaulos multiflora and T. schiedeana.

These plants are perfect for the beginner and will grow well together in a bright or sunny position.

Tillandsia x kolbii is a lovely naturally occurring hybrid that is similar to an ionantha only larger and has a protruding flower spike that makes purple tubular flowers.

Tillandsia brachycaulos var. multiflora has lovely soft textured leaves and colors up well during flowering, turning red and then producing an abundance (hence the name multiflora) of purple flowers.

Tillandsia schiedeana is a super easy and resilient species that clumps quickly and produces a yellow flower.

All purchases are sent with a care sheet.

Due to availability sometimes i may have to substitute one of the plants in these packs for another species.

If you wish to tailor any of these beginners packs just let me know.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

Lovely plants -so very lovely xx

Elsa Browne
Excellent quality

This is the second time I ordered from Andy, and once again I'm very happy with the quality, variety, packaging - and a bonus plant for free!

John C
Gold star!

High quality plants - supporting info - well wrapped - all one would hope for from a specialist and more.

Roger Wharmsby
Fantastic Air Plants

I prearranged a visit to Andy”s Airplant's Andy is so knolwlegeable I could have stay all day I'm hoping to visit again as I live close by.

Nigel Huxtable
Excellent quality plants.

Three excellent plants and a very happy recipient, a birthday present for someone looking to start a new indoor gardening hobby. Much better size and growth than ones I had seen in a local shop.