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Tillandsia argentea Singles and Clumps

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Tillandsia argentea is the most wonderful little air plant. Its leaves are fine and silver and arranged like a sea urchin. It is also very easy to grow and clumps in just a few seasons. It makes nice long flower spikes with bright red bracts and purple flowers with bright yellow pollen. Stunning and delicate.

This species is a personal favorite. It enjoys bright to full sun and has to have a regiular misting and good air-movement so as not to stay wet constantly.

I have singles and multi headed clumps available.

Customer Reviews

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Kath Osborne
superb quality plants

I bought four plants as a gift for my daughter any was delighted with the quality of the plants, the speed and packaging of them, and the information that arrived in the package. I would certainly recommend Andy's Air Plants.

Peter Castell
Lovely Plants

My order arrived in great condition with the plants being a nice size, communication with Andy was good, the much appreciated gift being a nice surprise

Nice addition to my collection

Usual great quality. Bought a single which is a good size. Argentea is silvery grey and the leaves very much straighter than, for instance, Andeana. Good addition to my growing collection.

Interesting plants

These little plants are so tactile. I keep moving them about so that I can enjoy looking at them. Arrived in perfect condition,

David McCartney

Tillandsia argentea Singles and Clumps