Tillandsia bergeri - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia bergeri - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia bergeri - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia bergeri - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia bergeri Small and Large size

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Tillandsia bergeri is a very popular, easy and vigorous species.

It is endemic to Buenos Aires in Argentina where it grows saxicolously (on rocks). It is know amongst enthusiasts as 'The mad pupper' due to the fact that it constantly produces 'pups' or offsets along its stem and so quickly grows into large sometimes very large clumps.

The flower spike on this species is 3 to 5 inches long straw coloured and produces lovely blue to violet flowers with a white centre.

This is one of the hardiest and easiest of all Tillandsia species, it has proven hardy over many years outside in mild coastal gardens in Cornwall and also in Central London. It is easy to mount or just hang from wire, and grows in full sun or dappled shade, with regular wetting and drying.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Richard Collins
“Newbies” Surprise

My first dip into the exciting world of “Air Plants” and what a joy it is turning out to be! Tillandsia plants arrived well protected and individually labelled. Advice notes were included as well as references to best display them.
I would be happy to recommend “Andy’s Air Plants” to any prospective customers, as my purchase from start to finish was great.

Martin Morris
Multiple order fron Andy

All plants came in fantastic condition,well packed.As for size...they say size doesnt matter...if you want small plants go somewhere else,all Andys plans come well grown and of a really decent size.Will be ordering again,soon!!!

Lesley Nicholson
What a beauty

As ever, Andy does not disappoint. I ordered the giant version and giant it is! It arrived very quickly. Well packaged and with a small plant included (which was very kind) inside. Mine already has a flower spike and am excited to see it open.
I love all my house plants but have become especially fond of my air plants which, apart from my first one, I got from Andy. So thank you for this wonderful plant.

Alex Shelley
Excellent quality

I bought a small plant but you could be forgiven for thinking I ordered large. A really big healthy plant. Part of my first order with Andy but will be back.

Steve Mackay
Stunning plant

I bought the giant version and it's a lovely plant with it's long curved stem, high quality healthy plant as always from Andy, really impressed with this beautiful species!