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Tillandsia gardneri

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Tillandsia gardneri is a beautiful and quite unique looking species. It has a wide geographical distribution in South America, from Columbia, Venezuela and Brazil. It grows as an epiphyte on trees and sometimes rocks.

Tillandsia gardneri has a very nice appearance. It has soft, thin, broad leaves that are heavily trichomed, soft and velvety to touch and bright silver in color. The plant produces a pinkish flower spike with very nice lilac-pink flowers.

In cultivation this species relatively easy to grow. The thin leaf alludes to the fact that this plant will not like intense sun and heat unlike more xeric or dry growing species with thicker harder leaves. And so a little shading in the summer and a cooler more humid environment is more suitable. Good air-movement is important as this sp. can be prone to rot.

The plants on offer are lovely medium and large, flowering size plants. I have a couple of plants mounted for sale as well.

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Luke Griffin
T. gardneri

Received a large healthy plant with a strong bloom spike. T. gardneri has unique papery foliage with ruffles of trichomes along the rims and has become an instant favourite for me