Tillandsia punctulata - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia punctulata - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia punctulata - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia punctulata

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Tillandsia punctulata grows as an epiphyte in Mexico and Central America.

It is a mesic growing species, meaning that it prefers more shaded and regular humidity than its xerophytic or dry growing cousins.

It has lovely deep green, lush leaves that are dark towards the base, the flower spike is large, very colorful and lasts a long time, the flowers are bi-color purple and white.

Tillandsia punctulata roots prolifically, and is suitable for pot culture. It also makes many pups and can make large clumps in just a few years, these pups/off-sets are easy to propagate from.

Easy to grow and can become quite large, it prefers cooler, shaded conditions with regular watering.

These plants come bare root. Pot, hanger and compost available separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Christina Mitchell
Lovely plants

I ordered some air plants for my daughter and she is thrilled with them. Thank you

Phil Ladley
Tillandsia punctulata

Another superb plant from Andy, very large and plenty of new growth. The other two Bromeliads were just as good! Keep going Andy!!


Bought as a gift, recipient was very happy!
As always the plant was very healthy and undamaged despite being packaged with a pot and compost. The medium plant I bought was around 7" tall so about mid size for a plant which I think can get to a foot or more. Highly recommended!

andrew grantham
Superb plants

Superb plants delivered ,well packaged,always buy from Andy

Simon Rogers
Perfect punctulata

I have purchased a number of smaller varieties of Tillandsia's from Andy but decided I wanted to take a step toward growing some larger ones. Andy was on hand to offer his advice, which was invaluable, and I purchased a Tillandsia punctulata. As I have come to expect the plant arrived, along with two others, very well packaged and in perfect condition. The plant size and quality are impressive, and was mounted the very same afternoon. I emailed Andy with some questions about this and one of the other plants and again he was on hand with some advice. The plants look to be doing well and I am looking forward to see them flower.