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Tillandsia schiedeana 'Minor' Singles and Clumps
Tillandsia schiedeana 'Minor' Singles and Clumps

Tillandsia schiedeana 'Minor' Singles and Clumps

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Tillandsia schiedeana is a common species in the wild and in collections.

It is native from Mexico and the West Indies to Columbia and Venezuela where it grows as an epiphyte in Oak forests.

It is quick growing making clumps in just a few years. It flowers annually and produces cherry red flower spikes with lovely yellow flowers. It is very easy to grow in medium to high light levels with plenty of regular misting and drying between watering. In bright light the leaves will also color up.

This is my number one recommendation for a beginners plant because it so tough and easy to grow.

I have single flowering size plants and small seedling clumps, and giant clumps with multiple flowering size plants.

Customer Reviews

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Robbi Grantham
Love these plants

I love all the Air Plants Andy sends me.
Unfortunately, regardless of the very well detailed and easy to follow instructions - I will inevitably kill them. (fingers crossed I don't - of course).
The sizes I receive are always fuller than I expect and as ever the hanging options given a great too!
The service and packaging is always great too! will always get my Air Plants from here.

A reliable efficient company.

I recently made some terrariums and wanted a slow growing plant to put inside. Air plants were the answer. This company provided top quality plants with easy to follow instructions and I am enjoying them now.

Zoe Mason

I couldn’t be happier with my order and the excellent customer service. I would definitely return to Andy’s Air Plants

Pamela Richardson
A newcomer to this world

Arrived beautifully packaged. A good size in first class condition. Will definitely be buying more from Andy.


All plants in all collections are first class