Aechmea 'Vaquero'
Aechmea 'Vaquero'

Aechmea 'Vaquero'

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Aechmea 'Vaquero' Is a hybrid of A. maculata Red Form x pineliana var minuta by Grant Groves of Florida. I love the name Vaquero, it is the Spanish name for a horse mounted cattle herder, or Cowboy.

A description from a Tropiflora catalogue of 2010 says..  “A stunning, compact cross that keeps a tight, upright, tubular shape. The leaves are stiff, with rather large spines, and boldly cross banded with red bars. The corn-cob shaped inflorescence has yellow flowers and a scape with showy red bracts.”

Care for Aechmeas can be the same as for Neoregelia and Billbergia etc. They can also be mounted.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve M
A. Vaquero

Arrived well packaged, nice big plant, ready for potting up, can't wait to see it grow out. Would recommend Andys air plants.

Phil Ladley
Aechmea Vaquero

Great plant, can't wait o get it outside with the others!

Lovely banding

This good sized plant came with another pup already attached. Very healthy and good colouration. Can't wait to see it turn more orange in bright light.