Billbergia nutans 'Rare Form' - Andy's Air Plants
Billbergia nutans 'Rare Form' - Andy's Air Plants

Billbergia nutans 'Rare Form'

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Billbergia nutans Rare Form is a very choice and rare variety of Billbergia nutans. I was gifted this plant 10 years ago from a collector in Europe. The closest id i have for this plant is that it is a form of Billbergia nutans.

It is a very nice plant it differs from the common B. nutans in that it has a much tighter and more compact plant with rigid leaves and a taller and more upright flower spike. It also has longer stolons or above ground rhizomes than the normal Billbergia nutans.

It likes medium to high light levels and seems to do very well in a peat and potting bark mix with low nutrient and some grit added.

Here in the second picture is a good sized pup, a clone from the plant in the first picture.

Plant supplied bare root.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Ian Simpson
Great looking plant

Much larger than I was expecting, and very healthy looking! I have a couple of the standard form that survived outside growing into the trunk of my treefern, but I won't be risking this one, it's staying indoors over the winter...


Can only comment on health of plants which appears very good but I have never had these plants before so it would have been nice to have basic care instructions as online every site tells me something different

Gareth Jones
First order

Cracking plants and delivery. Would highly recommend

nigel fear

Both plants arrived in good condition, and on time, would recommend Andy's airplants to anyone.

Tony Palmer

I was surprised at the size of plant's, much larger than I expected... Well packaged what's not to like... Recommend.