Neoregelia 'Super Fireball' - Andy's Air Plants
Neoregelia 'Super Fireball' - Andy's Air Plants

Neoregelia 'Super Fireball'

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Here we have the fantastic Neoregelia 'Super Fireball' Its like the well known Neoregelia 'Fireball' Only its 'Super'.

These plants are very easy to grow, they can be mounted with some medium or tree fern section for them to root into, or they can be grown in a pot. They like a well drained mix with low nutrient, regular misting or watering into the 'cup/tank' and the compost or medium wet regularly. They will grow in mid to high light levels but if you want the intense red color of the leaves then you have to give the plant high light levels.

The plants for sale are like the one in the second picture. Sent bare root. Pot, hanger and compost available separately.