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Vriesea lubbersii

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Vriesea lubbersii is a lovely species in the Vriesea genus in the Bromeliaceae family. Vriesea is a genus of over 350 species from Mexico, Central America, South America and the West Indies. Vriesea's are mostly epiphytical meaning they grow on other plants. Vriesea's are 'tank' type Bromeliads as are Neoregelia's, Billbergias and others. This means they hold water in the central rosette. This enable the plants to get nutrients from the water and any fauna that is in that tank. In the wild many insects and invertebrate have evolved to live in or use these Bromeliad tanks.

Vriesea lubbersii is a very choice species endemic to Brazil. It has lovely speckled leaves with dark leaf bases. The individual rosettes are monocarpic meaning they only flower once but the plant produces many pups or off-sets on runner or stolons.

Vriesea lubbersii is easy to grow, it can be mounted with some medium to root into or it can be grown in a pot which is supplied separately.