Beginners Selection Pack 1 - Andy's Air Plants
Beginners Selection Pack 1 - Andy's Air Plants

Beginners Selection Pack 1

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Beginners Airplant selection pack 1

Contains one each of  Tillandsia ionantha, T. oaxacana and T. caerulea.

These plants are perfect for the beginner and will grow well together in a bright or sunny position.

Tillandsia ionantha is a beautiful spherical shaped species that colors up red when it is in its flowering stage, it then produces lovely tubular purple flowers before 'pupping' and making lovely little clumps.

Tillandsia oaxacana is a favorite of mine growing easily in bright light this species produces a large pink, drooping bud that throws out a succession of long tubular purple flowers. It makes a nice clump in just a few seasons.

Tillandsia caerulea is a very lovely scented species. It has long caulescent stems and produces deliciously scented purple flowers that open flat as opposed to tubular. It produces many pups and clumps easily.

All purchases are sent with a care sheet.

Due to availability sometimes i may have to substitute one of the plants in these packs for another species.

If you wish to tailor any of these beginners packs just let me know.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

This was my second order from Andy’s and the quality is fantastic. Large, healthy plants that are packaged with care. Highly recommended!

Victoria Moane
Air Plants Beginners Section Pack 1

Lovely plants, clear instructions and labelled, thank you

Geoffrey Hall
Top quality plants

The plants I received were a varied and interesting mix. They were well packed and labelled, and were in excellent condition.

Julie Barber
New customer and new to air plants

Wow what super plants. Beautifully packaged and really choice. They are hanging happily in my mums conservatory and she admires them
All the time. Thank you Andy.

Andy Stopford
Beginner's Selection Pack 1, for an airplant beginner

Plants were very well packed and arrived in excellent condition - after a couple of weeks, one looks like its thinking of flowering!