Beginners Selection Pack number 4 - Andy's Air Plants
Beginners Selection Pack number 4 - Andy's Air Plants
Beginners Selection Pack number 4 - Andy's Air Plants
Beginners Selection Pack number 4 - Andy's Air Plants

Beginners Selection Pack number 4

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Beginners selection pack number 4

Contains one each of Tillandsia brachcaulos, T. argentea and T. pseudobaileyi.

These plants are perfect for the beginner and will grow well together in a bright or sunny position.

Tillandsia brachcaulos (also known as T. brachycaulos v. abdita) grows easily with warmth and bright light, when it gets large enough to flower it turns an intense red color before producing lots of lovely purple flowers.

Tillandsia argentea has lovely fine leaves, an indication that it like good air-movement, it is easy to grow and makes a lovely clump in just a few seasons.

Tillandsia pseudobaileyi has fantastic red and purple striped leaves that curve upwards creating a wonderful effect.

All purchases are sent with a care sheet.

Due to availability sometimes i may have to substitute one of the plants in these packs for another species.

If you wish to tailor any of these beginners packs just let me know.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Sue hellyer
Gorgeous plants

Something a bit different for me.really happy with great healthy plants.will be buying more. You won't be disappointed.great value too.


Excellent quality of plants, and fast service

Fiona Maclennan
Secret Santa Air Plant Prezzy

Plants arrived in perfect condition, absolutely beautiful 😍 wish I could keep them for myself but I got them for a friend 😂

Patrick Joyce
Air Plant Beginner's Pack No. 4

Hi Andy thank you very much for the above. I have them displayed in a dish of dry gravel in my greenhouse and mist them once a day. Of course if the weather turns cold I'll remove them into my conservatory. I like Bromeliaceae and have a few Bilbergias, Ochagavias, Pitcairneas etc. I must say I was originally not too thrilled with Air Plants as the ones I saw were all in garden centres and not well looked after. Viewing your website changed all that, as I had no idea they could be so interesting and varied. I just had to give them a go! Thanks again.
Pat Joyce

Beautiful beginners selection pack of airplants

Beautiful beginners selection pack of airplants carefully packed and safely delivered, thank you.
Looking forward to displaying them in a hanging group of sea urchin shells in our window and thanks so much too for all your care instructions, so helpful.
Can't wait to give them the glory they deserve, just hope I can look after them and keep them in the same beautiful condition as they were when they arrived!
I will do my best thanks to your advice and tips.