Billbergia 'Fosters Striate' - Andy's Air Plants
Billbergia 'Fosters Striate' - Andy's Air Plants

Billbergia 'Fosters Striate'

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Billbergia 'Fosters Striate' is a fantastic plant! It was created by a famous Bromeliad grower called Mulford B. Foster who lived in Orlando Florida. Billbergia 'Fosters Striate' has really nice thick green and yellow variegation. Plants throw up pups with varying degrees of variegation. Some pups may come up all green, these can be removed to keep the plant variegated It is a stunning foliage plant alone but it also has very nice and large flower spikes with some of the best Billbergia flowers i have seen. 

Billbergia 'Fosters Striate' Is very easy to grow in a pot, you could try it mounted as well, you can grow it outside for the best part of the year here in the UK but it is probably only hardy down to 2 or 3 degrees centigrade, so will need to be bought inside during the winter. It is also best kept out of direct sunlight as the leaves will get damaged in too much full sun.

Customer Reviews

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Phil Ladley
Billbergia Fosters Striate

Another great plant from Andy!

Martin Morris
Fantastic Plants

Ordered several plants all were spot on,well grown plants.Prompt delivery...waiting for my second batch from Andy,early xmass!!!

Jamie Nichols
Great plant

Excellent condition, and larger than expected. Well packed and quick delivery.

Susan Y
Billbergia 'Fosters Striate, Aechmea recurvata var. benrathii and Aechmea 'Fosters Favorite'

3 fabulous plants all in gorgeous colours, thank you Andy! I’m so impressed with the size and health of the plants - am addicted now! I’m using them to create a bromeliad chandelier along with a stag horn fern and hardy tillandsias (again from Andy), which is going to look stunning when finished. Thanks so much! Susan

Great service

Lovely, healthy plants, packed extremely well and quick service. Top marks!