Tillandsia xiphioides - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia xiphioides - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia xiphioides Dwarf Form

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Tillandsia xiphioides grows on trees and rocks, it is indigenous to Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Northern Argentina.

It is a xerophytic or dry growing species and like many of the silver, densely trichome covered species it likes to dry out completely between watering.

It is very special species because of it gorgeous china white, frilly edged flowers that are incredibly and deliciously citrus scented, unlike any thing else. It likes high light levels and good air-movement.

Rarely offered, this is a slightly smaller form of the type species. These are small plants.

Customer Reviews

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Great Little Plant

As stated in the description these are small, mine measures around 60mm from the base to tip of the top leaf. The leaves are very stiff. The coloration is a dark grey/green. The plant seems very healthy and I think I can see the beginnings of an offset between the lower leaves, time will tell. This has to be the most unusual plant I own, it's more like an object that might carved out of wood or some such! If you have limited space on a display then this is definitely the plant for you. Very pleased, thanks Andy!

Graham Brandejs
Excellent plants

There is a comprehensive range of Tillandsia plants available. The plants that we received were of excellent quality and the whole experience was backed up by great customer service.

Anne Reck
Great quality air plants

Our air plants arrived very quickly just before Christmas as promised. Beautifully packaged and excellent quality.
Thank you Andy

Uncommon dwarf form

It was interesting to discover this dwarf form of T. xiphiodes on Andy's listings so had to try this to compare with the normal form. It has all the characteristics of the usual form but really is a lot smaller. If my piece is mature then the relative size difference is at least a quarter size. The piece Andy supplied is already sending out small off shoots from the base and I look forward to seeing it flower in due course. Well packed and labelled as usual.

Luke Griffin
Tillandsia xiphioides Dwarf Form

Been wanting a xiphiodes for a while but have limited space so when i found this dwarf form it was perfect. The plant that arrived was super healthy