Mesic Selection Pack - Andy's Air Plants
Mesic Selection Pack - Andy's Air Plants
Mesic Selection Pack - Andy's Air Plants
Mesic Selection Pack - Andy's Air Plants
Mesic Selection Pack - Andy's Air Plants

Mesic Selection Pack

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Tillandsia albertiana is a wonderful and easy species to grow. It has a limited distribution in North West Argentina on rocks faces in damp areas along mountain streams shaded from full sun. This species has a lovely shape with distichous or mirrored leaf pattern, similar to species like myosura or caliginosa. The most beautiful thing about albertiana is its very large bright Red flowers that contrast perfectly with the lush mid green foliage. It is one of the hardier (cold tolerant) species. It loves a damp but airy environment away from full mid day sun.

Tillandsia bulbosa is a unique species that has a bulbous shape. It has a wide distribution in the wild, from Mexico and the West Indies, through central America, Ecuador and Northern Brazil. In the wild this species has a symbiotic association with ants which can live in the leaf base cavities, as does several other species like seleriana, butzii and others. This species is easy to grow and eventually makes a nice clump. It likes medium light levels and regular wetting. It is tolerant of higher humidity and less air movement, making it suitable for bathrooms and terrariums.

Tillandsia butzii from Mexico and through Central America to Panama, is an easy and rewarding species to grow. It has attractive, mottled, bulbous leaf bases and long twisting green leaves. The flower spike is quite long and has red bracts with purple flowers. This species can quickly grow into an impressive clump. It grows in similar conditions to other green leafed species, enjoying mid to low light levels and plenty of regular moisture.

Tillandsia filifolia is a Mesic (moderate humidity) growing species from Central Mexico and Costa Rica. It has a lovely round pincushion shape with fine, thread like green leaves. The flower spike is long and branched and produces many small, purple flowers. It is very easy to grow in low to medium light levels with regular misting and good air-movement.

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Jennifer Ryerson

Mesic Selection Pack

Mark Sanderson

Plants in perfect condition plus one free. Extremely pleased with the quality. Highly recommended.

Susan Blakeman
Excellent quality

Bought as a gift.very pleased with quality and size of plants. Recipient was thrilled.

Neil Rider
Not really as described

Although the plants arrived in good condition most verities were not as described. I suppose the extra plant was to make up for this. The delivery was not the fastest either. I have bought off this supplier in the past but in future l will order specific verities rather than a selection pack.

Andy Tyson

Just as expected and little freebie too which I much appreciated. Thanks again