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Tillandsia bulbosa - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia bulbosa

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Tillandsia bulbosa is a unique species that has a bulbous shape.

It has a wide distribution in the wild, from Mexico and the West Indies, through central America, Ecuador and Northern Brazil.

In the wild this species has a symbiotic association with ants which can live in the leaf base cavities, as does several other species like seleriana, butzii and others.

This species is easy to grow and eventually makes a nice clump. It likes medium light levels and regular wetting. It is tolerant higher humidity and less air movement, making it suitable for bathrooms and terrariums.

I have small plants available and a few very nice large specimens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
patricia martin
Great plant

Thank you Andy once again for the beautiful plant and for the little one. Great service every time.

Beautiful Plant

A great plant with a stunning shape. Very well packed. Andy's store is definitely my preferred supplier.

Nice large healthy plant

Bulbosa is one of my "Rule of Six" tillys i.e. must-haves if I could only have six. I already have three bulbosa specimens in my collection but as this was an XL size, which rarely come up for sale, so I went for it and I was not disappointed. This was a beautiful evenly-shaped plant, twisted arms in all directions, good root system, the growing tip was blushing and the edges of the body scales were a lovely bright red, contrasting with the emerald green of the rest of the plant. The XL size is certainly recommended, despite being a higher price, as I find this species a slow grower and being larger and more mature will hopefully make it sooner for it to bloom. The other advantage is that it will have more arms (leaves) than a younger plant and for me the fantastic wild shape is what bulbosa is all about. As always Andy's pack with care and all plants are individually labelled and you might even find a little extra if you are lucky!

Adam Roberts
Excellent as always

Arrived in great condition, really healthy, well packaged!

Tillandsia Fanatic
Beautiful healthy plant

I'm so happy with this Tillandsia Bulbosa. It's a gorgeous little strong plant and is so strikingly different to the other plants in my collection. I'm impressed by the quality of my purchase and will definitely soon be back to place another order with Andy.