Tillandsia butzii - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia butzii - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia butzii - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia butzii - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia butzii - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia butzii Singles and Clumps

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Tillandsia butzii from Mexico and through Central America to Panama, is an easy and rewarding species to grow.

It has attractive, mottled, bulbous leaf bases and long twisting green leaves. The flower spike is quite long and has red bracts with purple flowers. This species can quickly grow into an impressive clump.

Tillandsia butzii grows in similar conditions to other green leafed species such as T. filifolia and T. albertiana, enjoying mid to low light levels and plenty of regular moisture.

This is possibly my favorite species, and one of the first i ever had in my collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Robin Gorrill
Tillandsia plants

Very happy with the product and the service

Linda Thompson
So pleased I found this website

I bought this plant for my sister’s 60th birthday present she was absolutely thrilled with it. Beautiful plant, lovely size, thank you.

New to Air Plants

Great service - plants arrived quickly and well packaged. Good size plants for the price as local garden centre charge much more. First time with air plants so if I’m successful I will probably be back for more.

A graceful, healthy little plant!

I wasn’t sure about this one; it looked - well, clumpy! - on the website compared to the airy look of most of the other varieties. But one does need contrasts… and I’m thrilled with it. It’s a graceful, healthy little plant, in elegant shades of dark green splashed with purple, and has taken up residence over the kitchen sink, where it looks as if it’s dancing on the air, and is happily producing new leaves and enjoying a fair bit of attention. Highly recommended!

Melanie Gillies

The Butzii I bought from Andy is perfect I'm really happy with my purchase. The Butzii looks stronger abd healthier than the one I had to replace. I recommend Andy's plants