Tillandsia capillaris v. virescens 'Pitchfork'
Tillandsia capillaris v. virescens 'Pitchfork'

Tillandsia capillaris v. virescens 'Pitchfork'

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Tillandsia capillaris v. virescens formely known as Tillandsia capillaris 'Pitchfork' due to the pitch fork like appearance of the leaves.

This a fantastic and rare caulescent or stem forming variety of T. capillaris originaly collected and named by Paul T. Isley in the 1980's. It is easy to grow enjoying medium light levels and a very regular wetting and drying with good airmovement. It is quite quick growing and can make large trailing clumps.

Here are some small clumps tied on wire.

Customer Reviews

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elizabeth green
Excellent Airplants

This is my second purchase from Andy and once again, I have top quality plants that arrived well packaged. Thank you

Chesterfield Derbyshire
My second order

My plants have been well packed and arrived in excellent condition on both occasions. This time the plants where much bigger than I expected as the only ones showing in stock on the website were small plants. For the second time there was even an extra plant free. A truly excellent service. Thank you

Paula Harmer
This will grow into its full beauty

I admit this isn’t my favourite - yet! I know it’ll fill out and grow really well because all the plants from Andy are very healthy specimens. No doubt I would want to amend the four to five stars in a couple of months!

Cute miniature tilly

Put on some nice growth once I hung it outside during the summer. Easy to care for.

Luke Griffin
Tillandsia capillaris v. virescens 'Pitchfork'

A good sized clump of a really unique and interesting plant