Tillandsia 'Curly Slim' Giant! - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia 'Curly Slim' Giant! - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia 'Curly Slim' Giant! On wire

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Tillandsia 'Curly Slim' is a fantastic hybrid that is very popular amongst collectors. It takes after both its parents equaly having the curly leaves and swollen base of streptophylla and the slim shape and viviperous (pup/plant producing) flower stem of Tillandsia intermedia.

This plant can in time get very large and make great twisted, curly specimens. It likes high light levels and regular misting with good air-movement.

Here i have some nice large flowering size plants that are hung on colored wire.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
colin bamber
Curly slim

Excellent service from "Andy's" with new plants that i have not had before ,in particular the "Curly Slim" . Makes a great interest and focal point to my small collection

Tony Sandland
Excellent plant condition and service!

Have collected small air plants for some time and this the first time purchase of larger ones - Curly Slim in this instance.
So impressed ordered others a week later.

Willie Forsyth
Curly Slim

I am absolutely delighted with all of my order especially the Curly Slim. It certainly is the largest air plant that I’ve ever seen & it is so beautiful & very healthy too. First class service & absolutely the best airplants. Thank you so much Andy. x

Clare Haslam
Beautiful Airplant

I absolutely love Andy's Air Plants. Ordered one and loved it so much I immediately sent for another! They are both thriving and really beautiful - will definitely be adding to my little collection!