Tillandsia ionantha v. fastigiata syn T. ionantha 'Peanut' - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia ionantha v. fastigiata syn T. ionantha 'Peanut' - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia ionantha v. fastigiata syn T. ionantha 'Peanut'

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Tillandsia ionantha v. fastigiata syn T. ionantha 'Peanut' is a variety of Tillandsia ionantha which comes from Central America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It grows as an epiphyte up in the tree canopies and on scrub bushes. It grows in hot and dry environments and so is well adapted to drought and full sun.

Ionantha is from the Greek 'Ion' meaning purple, and 'Anthos' which means flower. When the ionantha's come into their flowering process they color up or blush red or pink depending on the variety, and then will produce the lovely purple, tubular flowers, then they will produce pups or offsets around the base which will grow and flower again when they reach maturity which generally takes one year.

There are many many sub-species and varieties of ionantha, which makes them very collectible. They are very popular due to their ease of growing, vibrant display and the fact that they are so versatile.

Here is Tillandsia ionantha v. fastigiata syn T. ionantha 'Peanut' it is a lovely small growing ionantha which colors up very nicely and then produces its lovely purple flowers.

These are really nice chunky little plants, flowering size, snap em up while they last.

Customer Reviews

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Simon Rogers
Tillandsia ionantha selection

I knew when I bought my first Tillandsia that it would become addictive and I was not wrong. But when you receive such great service and terrific plants it is hardly surprising. Tillandsia ionantha's would appear to be an ideal group of plants to place together in display and so I ordered a group of different variety in order to do just that. There is a lot to be said for placing an order with someone and not having to worry about what you will actually receive. As with my other orders the plants arrived in perfect condition and superbly packed. The T. ionantha 'Peanut' appears to be a smaller variety than some of the others but that takes nothing away from its form. Tight and compact and a lovely lush green. This little plant is now sitting mounted on a piece of twisted vine branch with the others I purchased in a natural hollow formed by the twisting vine.
A beautiful plant supplied once again by Andrew .

Tillandsia Fanatic
Love my T. Peanut!

Such a cute addition to my collection. Thank you Andy for yet another healthy plant from your shop. It’s always so exciting to receive my wonderful purchases from you!

Beautiful trio

My three specimens of T. Ionantha "Peanut" were perfectly selected to complement each other with slightly differing characteristics: one was quite pear-shaped and fat whilst another was slimmer and more curved and a sharper green and the final one was blushing beautifully and has since flowered. Andy is obviously passionate about his plants and cares about every customer's order which are always extremely well packed with each plant appropriately labelled to ensure you know what you have. A great find.

Great specimen

I recently ordered Tillandsia 'peanut' from Andy and was delighted with the healthy specimen I received.

Luke Griffin

A really fun, characteristic little plant that stands out amongst other Ionantha cultivars