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Tillandsia ionantha v. rosea

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Tillandsia ionantha v. rosea is a variety of the species T. ionantha comes from Central America, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It grows as an epiphyte up in the tree canopies and on scrub bushes. It grows in hot and dry environments and so is well adapted to drought and full sun.

Ionantha is from the Greek 'Ion' meaning purple, and 'Anthos' which means flower. When the ionantha's come into their flowering process they color up really well turning fiery red, and then will produce the lovely purple, tubular flowers, then they will produce pups or offsets around the base which will grow and flower again when they reach maturity which is generally on year.

There are many many sub-species and varieties of ionantha, which makes them very collectible. They are very popular due to their ease of growing, vibrant display and the fact that they are so versatile.

Here is Tillandsia ionantha v. rosea This variety colors up a lovely Rose color during its flowering cycle.

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Lovely plant. Arrived with great colour. Andy is very helpful.