Tillandsia juncea - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia juncea - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia juncea

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Tillandsia juncea is a lovely, easy to grow species. It has a wide distribution from Mexico and the greater Antilles to Bolivia where it grows mainly in cloud forest.

This species has lovely stiff, thin leaves like a Juncus grass, hence the specific or species name juncea.

It is very easy to grow but quite slow, with pups taking a couple of years to mature and reach flowering size. The triple headed, flowering plant in my picture i have grown for 8 years! from one small, single plant. This species can have quite a vigorous root system and it has been shown to collect some water and nutrients from the roots and so a mounting material like tree fern bark or even grown in a pot with pure potting bark would benefit this species.

I have lovely small plants available and a few 'very large' flowering size ones.