Tillandsia magnusiana
Tillandsia magnusiana - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia magnusiana - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia magnusiana - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia magnusiana

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Tillandsia magnusiana is a wonderful species from Central America where it grows as an epiphyte in forests and on scrub.

This species is a particular favorite of mine, it ticks all the boxes. T. magnusiana has lovely soft, long leaves covered in tiny hairs (trichomes) and arranged like a pin cushion. The flower bud is stocky and maroon in color and the flowers which are quite long protrude from this bud. After flowering this bud will become a seed pod. When the pod splitts open it is black inside and reveals masses of fluffy white seeds that pour out hoping to be caught by a breeze. This species is easy to grow, flowers and pups easily usualy making one or two pups, clumps of a few adult plants tend to fall apart, but that just gives you more plants. Tillandsia magnusiana can be grown in the highest light levels as long as it recieves a good regular soaking/heavy misting and good air-movement so it dries quickly. Here it will grow quicker and can color up a little when in the flowering process.

Here i have a few large flowering size plants and some delightful half size plants for sale.

Customer Reviews

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Lovely, healthy tillies!

Very satisfied with my order. Plants are healthy (one is already flowerings) they arrived well packed and happy.
Andy kept me updated on the order and I highly reccomend to purchase plants from him . Also thank you for the free one you included in my order .
This is not my first purchase from Andy and surely won't be the last.
Thank you so much for the love you put in your plants!

Beautiful Plant

A beautiful and healthy plant with a great shape.

Helen Jeffries
Great quality, brilliantly packaged and speedy delivery!

Andy's plants (now mine and a secret Santa recipient's) arrived well packaged without loads of plastic and wow, what a lovely collection I received. Plus a couple of unexpected additions - thank you! Each plant was clearly labelled and they arrived with instructions which are very handy. Thanks Andy!

Prarthana belliappa

The plant never arrived. :(

Andrew Brown
Excellent plants

As ever the plants are excellent and fit in well with my small collection which live in the bathroom. Thank you.