Tillandsia pruinosa - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia pruinosa - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia pruinosa

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Tillandsia pruinosa is a most fascinating species. It is a pseudobulbous, epiphytic, myrmecophytic Bromeliad, meaning that it has a bulbous base and plays host to Ants that live inside the leaf cavities of the plant, as do several other species of Tillandsia. T. pruinosa has a very attractive appearance with its green to purple leaves and dense covering of fine trichomes or hairs, giving it the common name of the 'Fuzzy Air-plant'.

That latin name 'pruinosa' means frosted or frosty The flower spike is also very nice, being pink and also covered in fine trichomes it produces purple tubular flowers.

This species is quite slow growing but is easy with patience. It likes cool temperatures and regular wetting and drying.

I have nice flowering size plants to offer.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy C

Healthy specimen, lush green colour and twin clumps!


This truly is an amazing looking plant, I don't know why I didn't get one sooner! A rich mossy green from the base moving into purple along the length of the leaves, very heavily trichomed, and as usual Andy supplied a very healthy specimen. This is certainly a must have plant, just buy one, or more, you will not be disappointed!

A beautiful quartet.

Pruinosa is definitely one of my "Rule of Six" in that it would be one of the half-dozen varieties must-haves that would be in my collection. I find it is a slow grower so I was delighted to find a wonderful clump of 4 plants in my parcel; I had never seen it clump before! This variety is covered in white scaley "fur", or trichomes, a great attraction and its wavy limbs stretching out all around itself makes it very appealing. I always give this species frequent misting which keeps its body plump and helps avoid dry leaftips. As always received well packed and labelled from Andy's nursery.

Susan Y
Fabulous plant, and lovely to be given a free stricta, and in flower!

I love this pruinosa, such a delightful colour and form, and what a lovely surprise to get a free stricta in flower, thanks Andy! I also ordered a selection of hardy tillansias and bilibergias, and am, as always, hugely impressed with the size and health of the plants. I wouldn't buy from anywhere else now.