Tillandsia punctulata - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia punctulata - Andy's Air Plants
Tillandsia punctulata - Andy's Air Plants

Tillandsia punctulata

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Tillandsia punctulata grows as an epiphyte in Mexico and Central America.

It is a mesic growing species, meaning that it prefers more shaded and regular humidity than its xerophytic or dry growing cousins.

It has lovely deep green, lush leaves that are dark towards the base, the flower spike is large, very colorful and lasts a long time, the flowers are bi-color purple and white.

This species roots prolifically, and is suitable for pot culture. It also makes many pups and can make large clumps in just a few years, these pups/off-sets are easy to propagate from.

Easy to grow and can become quite large, it prefers cooler, shaded conditions with regular watering.

These plants come bare root. Pot, hanger and compost available separately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Really well packaged, and I especially love the gorgeous T. punctulata in flower. All plants seem like they have been loved and cared for and are really healthy - some are giving out pups. Highly recommended supplier.

Stunning specimen

Another top notch delivery from Andy arrived and the Punctulata is a stunning specimen. Super healthy, well packaged and already thriving on my window sill. As usual Andy was fast and all plants arrived in superb condition.

Wonderful Air Plant and Great Service

Previously bought a few Air Plants from Andy's Air Plants while visiting an RHS Garden (Andy was showcasing his plants). They are fantastic. Thought I'd buy another direct from Andy’s and I was not disappointed. Wonderful Air Plant (medium Tillandsia punctulata) and it was shipped fast. Highly recommended.

Great service and top quality plants as always

The plants received were of top quality as always and carefully packed. I always enjoy opening a box from Andy and this was no exception. The Tillandsia punctulata was a suggestion from Andy as a plant I didn't already have when I asked for suggestions, it was in amazing condition and already with several pups starting to emerge from the base. The leaves have a beautiful symetry and shape and I am so looking forward to the flowers as they look great from what I can see of the online photos for this species. The plant came with a pot and hanger with compost in a bag ready to be potted up. I couldn't ask for more. The other plants in the order were top notch too!